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About Me

Hello, I am glad that you took the first step towards a new journey of self-discovery! I am Bhavya Gandhi, your friendly and certified therapist. Mental well-being is an imperative part of our health and I commend you for taking this step to heal and create a new, improved version of yourself.


I assure you that this will be an enlightening journey for you. You might be going through a roller coaster of emotions right now, or maybe just one intense emotion.


I would like to tell you that it’s all valid. Whatever you are feeling is valid, however, we can sit and work through these emotions so that they turn out to be helpful for you.


Together, we will work on your mental wellness and help you overcome the challenges you are facing


I work with clients with a wide range of concerns including anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, anger management, relationship issues, eating disorders, anger management, phobias, child development, parenting issues, family conflicts, motivational deprivation, poor coping, self-esteem, and more.

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